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14 Quirky Facts about Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador retriever is perhaps the world’s most popular breed. Aside from being very lovable, the Labrador breed is also a versatile dog. They are very patient and obedient making them easy to train.

  1. If you think you already know everything about this popular breed, think again. There are a lot of things about the Labs that might surprise you.The Labrador retriever originally came from Canada 400 years ago. But, the Labs have been associated with a domestic Portuguese breed and have also been thought to be descendants of it although there is really no confirmation about it.
  2. Labradors have these webbed toes that help them become really good swimmers. Also, it serves like snowshoes to prevent the accumulation of snow between their toes.
  3. As manifested by their large build and well-balanced muscular bodies, Labradors were originally bred to be working dogs to help in hunting, fishing, and pulling boats.
  4. Labrador retrievers also have high pain tolerance making them ideal for retrieval and rescue even under extreme conditions.
  5. These adorable dogs love to hold objects using their mouths. They have very good mouth control and can even carry an egg without breaking it. They also enjoy playing Frisbee and retrieving balls.
  6. Labrador retrievers’ coats are waterproof. They have double coats that prevent them from feeling cold even if it is winter. The soft undercoat provides insulation, to keep the Labs warm even under extreme cold. The outer coat, which is straight and dense, supplements the inner coat by reinforcing its water-resistant quality.
  7. When it comes to training, Labrador retrievers are very obedient and intelligent, thus making them a good choice as Police and Military dogs.
  8. However, labs are not really very good at guarding jobs. They are non-territorial dogs so do not expect them to bark non-stop when someone enters your gate even without permission. They can become over-friendly even with strangers.
  9. You do not have to worry about your Labradors trying to run away from you. Escapology is not a problem with this breed so they won’t go on jumping over fences or digging the ground just to get out.
  10. Separation anxiety is not just a thing for humans, Labrador retrievers experience it too! Because of their nature to spend most times with people, they have this emotional need to constantly maintain interaction. When they are left all by themselves for a long time, they might display some unhealthy and destructive behaviors.
  11. Labradors mature slowly as compared to other dog breeds. Usually, it would take four years before they mature into adults. By its physical looks, your Labs may reach adult size already but they will still act like a puppy for some time
  12. This dog breed can really be adorable and cute making it easy for you to give in when they beg for more food at the dinner table. Labradors are known to have a hearty appetite and they do not turn down any food that is given to them. You can easily have obese Labs if you yourself are not careful with what to feed them.
  13. Female Labradors can be as heavy as 55-70 lbs and tall as 21-23 inches while males could get as big as 80-100 lbs and grow up to 24 inches.
  14. The Labrador Retrievers are considered the happiest dogs on earth. These dogs have tender and sweet moods. Labs are really affectionate to people and they enjoy making their owners happy. As long as they are provided with the proper care and positive interactions, they will surely be your best friend and happy pill.

The Labrador’s extraordinary and amazing characteristics make them a preferred choice by dog lovers. There are a lot of reasons why they are one of the best dogs in the world and you will surely not regret having one as your pet.

My name is Joan Gouldie and I run the "Labrador" Fan Club where I share my favorite Labrador info and pics daily.

Comments to 14 Quirky Facts about Labrador Retrievers

  • I have a 3/4 lab 1/4 husky cross and he is one of the most pickiest eaters there are. He won’t eat peanut butter anymore and will majority of the time refuse to eat a beef bone that we had in a freezer for him and will only take it on his term and conditions

    Steven August 21, 2015 1:19 am Reply
    • Thanks for Sharing Steven, I know exactly what you talking about, I have 6 Labs and 2 of them are extremely fussy eaters. However they have never refused a beef bone 🙂

      Joan Gouldie September 13, 2015 9:33 pm Reply
  • I have had all kinds of dogs Pure Breeds to Mutts. Loved them all but my Blonde Labrador retriever Rocky was the Special.

    Gene Lupo March 23, 2017 8:47 am Reply

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