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5 Tips on Housetraining Your Adopted Labrador Retriever Puppy

We have different reasons for welcoming a new Labrador retriever inside our home. For some of us, we adopt a new pet to give the homeless Lab a new home but most of us adopt a dog because they are such good companions to the point that we consider them as friends already. Whatever the case may be, adopting a Labrador retriever is a big task to take especially when you need to housetrain your puppy first.

Housetraining is important so that your newly-adopted pet is trained on how to behave at home, and thus, create a harmonious and easy relationship with you. To be successful in this ordeal, however, housetraining your puppy requires not only your affection to him but also your consistency and patience. To make housetraining easier for you, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Make a positive impression on your puppy.

Creating a good impression for a harmonious relationship is not only applicable to human interactions but also applicable to your interaction with your Lab as well. Before you can housetrain your dog, it has to feel that the house is his home and he is safe there. Labrador retrievers are very smart dogs so he’ll know that he is safe when you treat him right. Thus, you have to welcome your newly-adopted dog with delight and create a good impression.

2. Be a responsible pet owner.

Your Labrador retriever should not feel neglected if you want to housetrain him successfully. Not only do you have to make sure that he doesn’t skip a meal or he has good sleeping quarters but you also have to make sure that your Labrador retriever has good interaction with the family. When your puppy socializes and has contact with the pet owner, the faster your puppy learns.

3. Thoroughly clean areas where accidents happen.

Labrador retrievers are strict followers of habits so they will most likely sleep where they slept last night and pee where they had peed earlier. Since they are still new to the home and untrained, accidents are surely going to happen. In the case of dogs, accidents breed more accidents unless you do something. Dogs have a very good sense of smell that we humans cannot compare. Add this is due to their nature of taking a potty to where they have pooped and peed before and they’ll surely know where to take a potty next time. What you can do is thoroughly clean the areas where these accidents happen to leave no scent trail for the dog and thus, prevent them from taking a potty in the wrong place next time.

4. Provide a scent-marker for your puppy’s potty area.

Just as cleaning an area where potty accidents happened before can lead to avoiding future accidents in the same location, putting a marker on your Lab’s potty area can also help him easily locate where he should be doing his business. Of course you can clean your dog’s potty area but make sure that you don’t entirely disinfect it. That all your training efforts goes to waste. Perhaps you can put a scented scrap of paper to let your dog know where he is supposed to defecate and urinate. Regarding the potty area, it is very wise for you to establish two, one in the corner of your home and the other in the patio.

5. Punishment breeds fear and non-compliance.

You have to understand that your dog is still adjusting to his new environment and his new owner. At first he might not comply or he might defecate or urinate at the wrong places. During these instances, it is never right to punish your dog because your punishment can build fear instead making him afraid to be near you and follow you in the future.

Housetraining your Labrador retriever or any other dog for that matter is never easy. It really takes a lot of hard work and patience. But you know what makes all those hard work and patience all worth it? It’s when you come home and being greeted by a loving dog looking at you like you are the most wonderful person in the whole world.


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