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How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your Home

Hmmm… What’s that smell?

Undeniably, dogs are cute, cuddly, and sweet. They have been man’s best friends. They stay with their loving owners, watch TV together on the couch, sleep with them in bed, bath in the same tub, and even go on travels, shop or dine out at pet-friendly restaurants. In other words, dogs stay 24/7 with their owners and their presence in every corner of your home and cars is sensed. Try to go out for quite a while and notice that smell once you get in. Yes, there is that doggie scent.

Despite their irresistible charm, dogs can leave your homes some smell – whether it be fecal, urine, or body odor. Unlike other pets, dogs seem to have the most lasting odor that can come from their mouth, nose, ears and paw pads. Dogs’ paw pads for one sweat easily especially on a hot weather or as a result of playing and exercising. Your dogs’ sweat then sticks on everything that they stand on – be it on the floor, carpet, bed, or sofa. Aside from sweaty paws, wax builds up easily on your dogs’ ears too. That is because sebaceous glands are abundant in their ears causing them to produce wax faster. If left uncleaned waxy ears can smell stinky. Labradors who have naturally oily skin are among the dog breeds that produce the highest levels of doggie odor. On other occasions, your dog becomes smelly because it needs to bathe after plunging into muddy areas or becoming wet after playing outdoors.

While urine and fecal smell can be prevented once you have potty trained your dogs, there can be instances when minor accidents become unavoidable, and this is a common scenario especially when you have a pup. If not very well-cleaned, dogs will continue to mark the spot where they peed or pooped. But you should be aware that not only during these times dogs leave their marks. Scent marking is unavoidable, and this can be easily absorbed by fabrics and other soft furnishings.

Even if you want to be isolated from the rest of the people in your neighborhood and prefer to live alone with your dog, you surely would not want to have your entire house have the smell of a dog. Not even a doggie fanatic would want that to happen.

Preventing body odor can be possible too. Learn the secrets on how to keep your homes doggie odor-free.

Dog Overall Grooming

Get rid of your dog’s body odor by giving him a proper and fresh bath. A Good bath includes thorough shampooing, cleaning of toes and pads. A gentle dog shampoo is recommended, and it is a no-no to use human shampoo as that contain chemicals that would make their fur dry and skin flaky. Not to mention, human shampoo can be toxic for dogs. Lather and rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly. Pat your dog dry with a clean towel and make sure to blow dry your dog’s coat to prevent bacteria which causes the odor to thrive.

Tangled and dead hair can be a source of odor too. Remove these by regularly brushing your dog’s coat.

In worst cases, dog smell can be difficult to prevent. No matter how you clean your dog, still he/she smells stinky. You may notice some skin infections like a yeast infection for example, allergy, or bacterial build-up and these are some of the reasons why you find it hard to get rid of your dog’s smell. Clogged anal glands are also among the reasons why dogs excrete seriously foul odor, but this can be remedied by seeking professional help.

Smell Removal on Furnishings and Corners

Start removing every rug as well as cushion or cover from your chairs, sofa, and bed – pillow cases, duvets, blankets, beddings, etc. – and have them vacuumed. Check the fabric details and care instructions – whether they allow hand or machine washing. Wash these fabrics according to the instructions indicated and mix about a quarter of apple cider vinegar with a good acting detergent. If apple cider is not available, your regular white vinegar can be a good substitute though you need to bear with the smell of vinegar while using this. Baking soda also works wonders on just about anything. It is proven and tested to be effective in removing odors out of fabrics and any other materials. Not to mention, it’s highly available and cheap. To apply, sprinkle a generous amount on the smelly surface and leave that overnight for best results then vacuum it up. You will then notice how fast this natural deodorizer works leaving no traces of doggie odor behind but only a fresh scent. Baking soda is highly recommended for carpet cleaning.

Cleaning your home does not only mean regularly changing your curtains and covers. Your furniture, floor, and every corner of your home should be well-cleaned too. Check small gaps and remove all dust and dog hair. Vacuum cleaning, as well as mopping and brushing, are good, but these are not enough as certainly, dog smell will be left behind. Thus, when cleaning, check for floor and furnishing cleaners that contain natural enzymes. These natural enzymes will help in breaking down odors and stains at a molecular level to wipe out everything fast.

You can also make your enzyme cleaners if you want but you will have to wait for about three months before using this though. All you need is to mix a cup and a half of lemon and citrus peelings, a liter of water, and seven tablespoons of brown sugar, then store the mixture in a clear bottle. You can loosen the cover halfway to allow the gasses to get out freely without exploding your bottle. These gasses are formed during the process.

If you plan to use air fresheners, choose those that are natural and non-toxic. While you want to achieve a non-smelly home, you certainly do not want to eliminate your dog so make it the same dog-friendly home free from harmful elements. If you are not sure about the product then better forget about it – that can be toxic! Stick with all-natural cleaners and deodorizers instead.

Maintaining a Fresh Smell

Finally, now that you have cleaned the entire home, maintain its fresh smell by regularly vacuuming any loose hair, changing covers weekly, and cleaning up any mess as soon as possible. Make it a habit to avoid dirt accumulation and of course, keep your canine companion clean and well-groomed.

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