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20 Reasons for Getting a Labrador Retriever

Who would not want to own a Labrador Retriever? There are irresistible reasons for getting a Labrador Retriever. For those who own one, you certainly know you made the right choice. As one of the top breeds not just in the United States, Canada and Europe with a rich history and outstanding characteristics, every potential dog owner will surely consider owning this breed.

For those who plan on bringing a dog to your homes, here are among the irresistible reasons for getting a Labrador Retriever:

Nameplaceanimalthing_Soccer_Football_Dogs_LukasPodolski_Labrador_0120. A matter of pride. Being hailed as the world’s best dog, you’ll never get prouder bringing a Lab with you as you walk your way to the park each day. People will surely adore this cute and cuddly creature.


8.edit_19. Surely encourage you as well to get fit. Remember, Labs are a hunting breed and they are destined to retrieve. The best thing about their energetic nature is that, you need to get them enough exercise else, you will see them digging in your yard, becoming too bitty, or getting bored. And while you get them to exercise, you are likewise encouraged to exercise too for your own benefit.


0001-11316769318. Relatively healthy. Unlike other breeds, Labs are relatively healthy. As long as they’re properly cared for, they would live for so long years by your side.


labrador-retriever-sitting-inside-house17. Best for small and large homes. Because it is neither too small nor too big in size, Labs are suitable for most home size.


Labrador-Retriever-Shedding-Grooming-Tips-To-Minimize-Shedding16. Easy to maintain in terms of grooming. Unlike other furry breeds, visiting the groomers may not be as frequent for Labs. You need not have their hair cut. They do not shed much and are relatively easy to bath, comb and dry. You need not worry about tangles.



15. Never a boredom to owners. You need to be creative with your tricks and activities else, your dog will outwit you. They are clever and you would not want them to get bored as they love to learn.



14. Sharp-minded. Intelligence is oozing in Labs.



13. Utilized as assistance dogs. Labs are known for their excellence in being service and guide dogs. Fully trained Labrador Retrievers have helped many disabled persons. They are trained to ask for help whenever the need arises.


istock_000013706011xsmall girl training12. Easily and highly trainable. Training can be the most crucial thing to do for every owner. With Labs, you can always expect a good response as they are pretty quick learners.



11. Understand your feelings. When you feel gloomy, they feel sad as well and you can surely see them teary eyed. They feel every emotion you have.


Marty10. Gives every owner unconditional love. Love is never one sided. Labrador Retrievers are filled with gratitude and love for their owners. They miss you each time you leave and would be very glad to be back in your loving arms again.



dog_autism9. Highly sociable. Their friendliness is contagious.



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8. Good temper. They never get mad easily. You will love their gentleness.


df291f765796ed3826bc552cad04395c7. Careful retrieves. Unlike others dogs who may be capable of retrieving but could hurt whatever they get, Labrador Retrievers are gentle. They can carry or save a bird without hurting it.


SAR_Dogs6. People tracker. Because of the Labrador Retriever’s excellent scenting ability, more often than not, this breed has been the best choice for search and rescue missions of missing individuals.


5. Excellent scenting ability. Their exceptional scenting ability is the reason why they simply the best retrievers. And not only that. You have perhaps seen most of them used in jobs that require scenting. Police and Customs Officers have chosen them to become sniffing dogs for their ability to detect contrabands and illicit drugs at airports, seaports, border crossings, and other ports of entries.



4. Love kids and great around kids. Ever heard of Labs falling asleep while carefully watching a baby? Labs simply adore kids as kids love them. They are most gentle when around them and consider kids as their best friends. When they get poked, they never get mad and have full energy until kids tire themselves from playing with them.


labrador-and-family3. World’s best family companions. As it was popular with hunters back then until today, when it wasn’t season for hunting, these Labrador Retrievers served as family companions. Their exceptionally friendly and playful nature have brought joy to every home that welcomed them.


232779874459194363okj9Kk2Gc2. Best swimmers. Labs are born for the water and if you have not noticed (for owners), check their feet. They are webbed!


2014811_102701. Popular hunting retrievers. Known in the olden times as good aids in hunting games, camping activities and shooting, men loved to have them and as history tells us, this breed has helped improved the lives of owners helping fishermen have a good catch.

Comments to 20 Reasons for Getting a Labrador Retriever

  • I love my YORKIE like you love your dog!
    Health issues made the choice of a little dog with personality!

    Diana james June 22, 2015 3:54 am Reply
    • Thanks for leaving us a comment, We love all dogs over here too 🙂

      Joan Gouldie July 2, 2015 9:08 pm Reply
  • Labs shed like crazy! Their little needle hairs!

    Jennifer busen June 24, 2015 12:45 am Reply
    • Thanks for commenting Jennifer. They do shed but having so many different Labs in my life, I find that it differs from Lab to Lab. Either way we love them to bits 🙂

      Joan Gouldie July 2, 2015 9:11 pm Reply
  • “Do not shed much…” lies! I love my labrador, but I have to vacuum the house at least once a day. I could build another dog with the amount of hair she sheds in one week.

    Jennifer S July 1, 2015 10:50 am Reply
    • Thanks for commenting Jennifer. I find they differ from Lab to Lab, but I love them anyway and can’t live without my babies 🙂

      Joan Gouldie July 2, 2015 9:13 pm Reply

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