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Top 6 Labrador Food Dangers During The Holidays

Is Fido Feeling Funny? Make Sure Your Lab Hasn’t Eaten These Top 6 Dangerous Holiday Foods

Labrador Christmas pudding

Do you have a dog with a penchant for getting into trouble during the holidays? Are you constantly watching little Fido or Sparky when it’s mealtime with your family, making sure he doesn’t sneak up onto the table and devour something he really shouldn’t be eating? Have you paid one too many trips to the vet during the holidays to help get your furry friend back into health? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you know how easy it can be for your loved dog to consume food that ‘s hard to digest — or even worse, could be life-threatening. So prevent these occurrences before they can happen by knowing what foods to watch out for during the holiday season. Our guide listing the top six dangerous holiday foods will help you plan your menu — or find out when to send Fido to his crate. The holiday meal can include these food items, but you’ll need to make sure your dog is far from the gathering table. Let’s get started!

Here is the Top 6 Labrador Food Dangers to be aware of during the Holidays.

  1. Grapes and Raisins


    Holiday dishes are full of raisins and currants, and these items can be especially damaging to your dog’s digestive system. In fact, grapes and raisins can cause your lab’s kidneys to begin to fail. So keep all of these holiday sweets and bread and bay. Keep the grapes and sultanas out of sight. One way to think about doing this in a festive and safe way is to put fruits in a glass-covered dish on your holiday table. If you have a cake made of these fruits, then cover it in a cloche. You want something sturdy enough that Fido can’t jump up on the table and just begin eating.

  2. Alcohol-Infused Dishes


    The holidays have a tendency to bring out the very best alcohol and alcohol-laced foods to celebrate with loved ones. But any food that has alcohol in it could be a danger to your lab. Not only can alcohol affect the dog’s liver, but it could lead to intoxication — just like in humans. So watch what Fido is drinking. It better be just water! Make sure all the wine bottles are stopped and that your guests hold onto their beers during your holiday soiree. All it takes is a second for your lab to be binge-drinking, and you don’t want that!

  3. Boxes of Chocolate


    Oh, chocolate and the holidays. They are too perfect for one another. But what doesn’t pair with chocolate is your dog. Not only is chocolate extremely dangerous to a pup, but so is the wrapping — such as found in chocolate coins and other holiday packaged chocolates. Keep chocolates in covered dishes or with the lids securely on them. Don’t leave chocolate desserts in plain sight of your pup.

  4. Nuts


    Nuts — especially macadamia nuts — can begin causing serious problems for your lab within about 12 hours of being consumed. For example, you may notice your lab experiencing vomiting, hypothermia, trembling, extreme weakness and even depression. So keep those nuts in a closed container or dish.

  5. Meaty Bones


    Labrador_puppy_chewing_a_raw_boneIt always tempting to through your favorite dog the meaty bone from the roast turkey or chicken after everyone has gouged themselves on holiday fare. But it’s really not wise to throw a bone to your dog. Why? Bones, even the hardiest, have a tendency to break and to splinter — unleashing dangerous fragments that can get lodged in your dog’s digestive system. Avoid a painful visit to the vet — or even surgery — by giving your dog something more safe to gnaw on throughout the holidays, such as a vet-approved chew toy that does not splinter or break.

  6. Citrus

    It’s always a delight to go old-school and fill a stocking with juicy oranges, but don’t do this for your pet’s stocking. Citrus — including its peeling, seeds and fruit — are full of citric acid and oils that can irritate your dog’s central nervous system. There is the possibility that your dog could have an upset stomach at a minimum and suffer depression for the worst effects.



    Bonus Danger Food: Diary

    The holidays are full of creamy goodness — sweet creams for holiday coffee, whipped topping on holiday cakes, and more. But milk-based products are terrible for your lab. Dogs do not have a significant amount of the enzyme that breaks down dairy, called lactase, so if you find that your dog has gouged on anything with a milk base during the holidays, he or she is likely to experience diarrhea and have an irritated digestive tract. Bake away in your holiday kitchen, but make sure your lab is not in the room when you are pouring the milk.

    Protect Your Labrador Retriever this Holiday Season

    Don’t fear or stop cooking and preparing your holiday feasts. There are many ingredients and foods that are dangerous for your Labrador Retriever  but perfectly fine for human consumption. The key is to know what they are and how to keep them away from your pet. In the case of your furriest friends and keeping them healthy during the holiday season, knowledge really is power — and it could be the difference between life and death for your loved Labrador. Don’t live in fear, but do keep handy this guide of the top six dangerous holiday foods for your dog. Memorize is so that you know these foods like the back of your hand. And keep an eye on your loved lab when you and all your guests are gathered around the holiday dinner table. All it takes is for a split second for your lab to consume a food that can lead to death. Be vigilant and safe — and your pet will be happy throughout the holiday season.

    I would advise to still keep your dog nourishment up as you would any other day and our Guide on Basic Labrador Nutrition would certainly assist



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