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Who are the World Famous Labrador Retrievers?

Who is the world Famous Labrador Retrievers?

Labrador Retrievers have won the affection and admiration of families and individuals worldwide that want an intelligent, friendly and active breed of dog companion. They have become the most popular breed in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The reasons to the owner are endless, but the abilities of this mighty breed are impressive to anyone that cares to take a second glance.

The Treasured Family Pet

Labrador Retrievers have proven to be excellent companions for children, adults and the elderly alike. Their playful nature is mixed with a keen ability to pick up on the moods and health of the owners. Once they are past the puppy stage, they can adjust energy levels to meet the comfort of the human they are interacting with. Training of simple commands such as stay, heel and sit come quickly for this super intelligent breed of dog.

Famous Labrador Retrievers

There are a lot of popular Labrador Retrievers owned by prominent individuals, dogs that have starred in recognizable movies and television shows as well as those that have earned fame from bravery in the jobs carried undertaken.


King Buck

King Buck is the first Labrador retriever to be featured on a US postage stamp.



Ben of Hyde

Ben of Hyde holds the record for being the first documented yellow Labrador Retriever. He was born in early 1899. Most lines of yellow labs currently can be traced back to the Ben of Hyde bloodline.




Koni is the Labrador Retriever companion of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.




Ubu is the mascot seen in the credits of many television programs produced by Ubu Productions. The image of the dog is shown while a voice says “Sit Ubu, sit.”


Belle, who is possibly the oldest dog in the world with her owner David Richardson at their home in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Belle is more than 200 in canine years. James Grimstead/PAGE ONE



Bella was the documented oldest dog to date. She lived to the age of 29, which is 158 in human years!



Christmas was a black Lab written about in the book and starring in the movie A Dog Named Christmas,” written by Greg Kincaid.




Junkyard starred in the movie Race to Witch Mountain.



Starred in the movie Red and Rover.




Luath starred in the movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.





Randolph starred in the movie A Dog About Town.



Sophie starred in the movie Dog Eat Doug.




Vincent starred in the movie Lost.



Zeus starred in the movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas.



Ex-Royal Chief Petty Officer Allen Parton was injured in the Gulf War in the 1990’s. He was given Endel, a service trained yellow lab that quickly became his constant companion. This dog was awarded numerous awards like the Blue Peter Badge, Dog of the Year, Dog of the Millennium and local hero.


Also, a yellow lab that stuck with his owner in thick and thin through the 911 World Trade Center disaster. The owner tried to push the dog to safety numerous times, but Dorado stuck by him faithfully. They were both able to escape and survive to tell the tale.




Jake is a gorgeous black lab that made his search and rescue debut after the 911 attacks. He tirelessly worked to try and locate both survivors and victims. He also participated in search and rescue operations in both hurricane Rita and Katrina.




Saddie is another black lab that is known to saved the lives of over 100 soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. She alerted her handler Lance Corporal Karen Yardly about hidden explosives. The bomb was neutralized, saving all of the lives in the immediate vicinity. She was presented the Dickin Medal Award on February 6, 2007, for her act of bravery.




Zanjeer is a Mumbai, India police dog that was locally famous for the ability accurately to sniff out bombs, grenades and all types of explosive devices, ingredients, and equipment. He earned his place in history after detecting over 3,000 kilograms of explosives and ammunition. He passed away on November 16, 2000, at the age of 8 years. His legacy lives on.



Lucky and Flo

These two same-litter labs grew up to be gifted at sniffing out pirated CDs and DVDs. They have long been a friend of the entertainment industry in rooting out large shipments of pirated materials that break copyright laws.


The movie Marley and Me features none other than the lab Marley. A variety of age range labs played Marley, representing different parts of her growth and experience. The movie is based on the true-life adventures of Marley and owner John Grogan.



Sabi is a lab that was a valuable member of the Australian Special Forces serving in Afghanistan. She was an integral part of the search and detect teams for explosive devices. She went missing in 2007 but was found safe and sound 14 months later.




Heroic Guide Dog of the Year award went to Timber the lab for his efforts to bring rescuers to the aid of his owner after a horrible car accident. His owner survived thanks to being rescued with the help of Timber.



Alien is a black lab that is the mascot for the Memphis Mad Dogs.


Spike was a well-known yellow lab that acted in movies such as Old Yeller, She-Creature and The Silent Call. He was also seen on television shows like The Westerner and The Mickey Mouse Club.


Buddy and Seamus

Former United States President Bill Clinton had two famous labs as pets named Buddy and Seamus. It raised the Labrador Retrievers popularity to an all-time high.

No matter how you cut it the Labrador retriever has earned a permanent place in the hearts of all who own and work with them on a daily basis. It is a breed worth checking into if you are looking for the perfect dog companion.

Labrador Retrievers makes great pets and still proves to be the most popular dog in world for not the famous. Have you ever thought why these dogs are so popular ? I have written a fun article on Why Labrador Retrievers Make Great Pets and Urge you to read it.



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  • Has a male Black Lab related to the Tar of Arden in the late 1940’s. Greatest dog I ever had. Klamath Marsh area of Southern Oregon. He out did all retrievers in the area as he kept going in -10 degree weather when all the other dogs quit including a $100 bet on a guys big Chesapeak. Smokey Joe amazed hunters in Oregon and North Dakota. Ducks, geese, Ruffed Grouse and pheasants

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